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Fun and emotional: this was the farewell of Totó la Momposina in the Cordillera

After six decades, Caribbean folk music singer Totó la Momposina says goodbye to performances.

Photo: Oscar Guesguán

One last great party with a Caribbean flavor said goodbye this Saturday to the queen of Colombian folklore, Toto La Momposina, that gets off the stage but climbs to the Olympus after claiming and fighting for decades to put Caribbean music and culture back on top.

Before an enthusiastic crowd aware of the momentous moment, Totó went on stage for the last time at the Cordillera Festival to review the successes of his career and show that, despite his 86 years, he still wants to dance for a while.

“The Canoe” It was the first song in which the artist got up to dance, to the excitement of an audience that began to move to the rhythm of Colombian Caribbean music and sing the lyrics they have known all their lives.

“Totó, Totó, Totó”, shouted the spectators, who applauded the singer, whose smile never faded during the show.


The first guest on stage was the singer Adriana Lucia, received with a bustle from an audience that, at that time, was already delivered to the rhythm of cumbia and joint.

Both singers got together to dance and sing “The Fisherman” and “I am the cumbia”, while the crowd wasted energy in one of the first shows of the Cordillera Festival.

“Long live the legacy of Toto the Momposinathat we will never allow it to end, “said Adriana Lucía in the midst of applause for the veteran artist.

Also appearing on stage were Nidia Góngora, one of the most recognized singers in the Colombian Pacific and who asked for applause for the queen, and Mónica Giraldo, who sang a song that she composed for her.

The last one gave him a bunch of flowers and read a letter in which he assured that this Saturday in Bogotá there is a small fraction “of the hundreds of thousands of people who make up your public.” “Thank you Toto, thank you for so much,” she added.

The singer said goodbye to the stage shouting “¡Qué viva Colombia”, which, like her music, will resound for all eternity.

Maná, Caifanes, Julieta Venegas, The Fabulous Cadillacs, Babasónicos, Mon Laferte and other legends of Latin American sounds will meet at the Festival that brings the curtain down this Sunday.

Source: Elespectador

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