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“The Forgotten Valley”, the suspense arrives from Brazil for HBO

“The Forgotten Valley” is the first Brazilian suspense production to arrive on HBO and HBO Max.

Photo: Courtesy: HBO

It debuts this Sunday at 8:00 pm on HBO Max and HBO “El Valle Olvidado”. Directed by Fábio Mendonça and Daniel Lieff, the series is the first Brazilian suspense production for HBO Max, and brings together the cast of Daniel Rocha, Carol Abras, James Turpin, among others.

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Inspired and recorded in the frigid climate of Paranapiacaba, Brazil, the thriller follows a group of young people who get lost during a weekend hike and, given the risks encountered in the forest, seek refuge in a village hidden under constant fog. which is on the maps: the Valle Sereno.

Known for its typical climate, Paranapiacaba, in addition to serving as inspiration for the series, was also the city chosen for the series recordings. Almost every day, from noon, the fog begins to fall and after two in the afternoon it is so thick that it is almost impossible to see anything a few meters away.

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In addition to the mysterious weather provided by the fog, the city also has a different architecture, with buildings built by the British in 1867 and maintained to this day.

Some abandoned buildings and local stories still help build the production’s atmosphere of mystery.

“The Forgotten Valley” It also brings to the cast Felipe Velozo, Jiddu Pinheiro, Julia Ianina, Juliana Lourenção, Marcos de Andrade, Roney Villela, Thais Lago, Ruiz, Michelle Rodrigues, Mayara Constantino, Carolina Mânica, Julia Sette, Rita Batata and Sergio Pardal.

Source: Elespectador

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