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Paola Jara’s chicken sweat still generates criticism. This told the singer | Jessica Uribe

It has been more than a year since the popular music singer Paola Jara wanted to surprise her husband Jessi Uribe with a special lunch, while the quarantine caused by covid-19 was passing.

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Popular music singers got married in Medellin.

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Everything was going well, until the couple decided to publish the final result of the dish on their social networks: a chicken sweat, accompanied by white rice, potato with a bed of broth. However, to their surprise, they did not receive good feedback. On the contrary, The artist was strongly criticized, because, according to Internet users, it was very unpleasant to look at, and that it looked very tasteless.

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What did Paola Jara say about her chicken sweat?

As a result of so many comments, the interpreter of Bad woman He decided to defend himself on his social networks. Even months later, she showed up showing the recipe step by step. “The truth is, I don’t know whether to laugh or what. I don’t see anything unusual about making a chicken sweat. It was not the best plated or served, but it was very tasty. I made a normal lunch, homemade, with love. Are they so unemployed that they are going to start talking about it?”, said.

The subject has not been forgotten. In a recent interview with presenter Laura Acuña, the singer revealed that people still haven’t forgotten that recipe and that they still make it bullying that’s why. “During the pandemic I was a little unoccupied so I decided to experiment in the kitchen. Everyone cooked, washed dishes, swept, mopped, and I like it… It turns out that I made a chicken sudadito one Sunday, which is Jessi’s favorite dish, and I served it, and it doesn’t look good to the eye, but it turned out Well, the chicken sweat and that’s why they bullied me for life”, said the artist.

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The presenter of The Senior Voice She was surprised by the singer’s anecdote, because, until now, she had not heard or seen anything related to that topic. She then she, for that reason, she asked Jara to explain to her what so many things had been told to her, to which she replied: “That it was watery, that the potato had no color, that the chicken was so small, this is the time and they still send me lunches from many houses in Colombia every day when they make chicken sweat. I enjoyed it a lot, I enjoyed the bullying and I still make chicken sweat because for Jessi, he would eat every day.

The couple took the bad comments in a good way, and even made fun of the situation themselves.

Source: Elespectador

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