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Aitana premieres her new and long-awaited single “Otra Vez”

The artist launches “Otra Vez”, a composition that follows the line of heartbreak that the songs on her album “11 Reasons” manifested.

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This composition follows the line of heartbreak manifested by the songs on his album “11 Razones”. The pop song captures the ear from the first second thanks to a hypnotic guitar riff that supports the catchy vocal melodies. Produced by Big One and also composed with FMK, the elegance and heavy basses of the instrumental provide a fresh touch and an urban weight at the sound level. The “explosion” at a musical and emotional level occurs in the chorus, in which Aitana questions whether the coldness of her relationship is caused by a third person. Without a doubt, it is a topic that she will connect with many people in similar situations.

Aitana returned to the stage accompanied by several surprises, including this unreleased song that, since the first concert of her “11 Reasons + Tour” tour, her third visit to the Palau Sant Jordi, has created a great sensation among the fans, who asked shouts its release. In addition to interpreting it in all the concerts of the tour, the creations of her followers have flooded social networks, making the song a success before it saw the light.

The number 1 pop artist in Spain began the “11 Reasons + Tour” Tour in her hometown, Barcelona, ​​with a sold out achieved in record time, as in the vast majority of the 7 only dates in the most emblematic venues of the main cities of our country. Before venturing into the next chapter, an unprecedented tour of Latin America, Aitana will do a live on TIKTOK from the Wizink Center in Madrid tonight at 10:00 p.m. (CEST). Don’t miss it!

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Closing her successful and massive tour with a double date at the Wizink Center in Madrid that reaffirmed who is the queen of pop in Spain. Aitana prepares to visit for the first time Latin America on a tour of Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Where he has already hung the sold-out sign on three different dates.

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