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Is the American dream a myth? Miami’s wife: “I don’t think it works like that”

Ewa Sama and Ela Pruszyńska participated in the program “Wives of Miami”. In the reality show, they showed what their luxurious everyday life in the United States looks like. Now they have come to Poland and visited the Dzień Dobry TVN studio. What, according to them, is the so-called American dream?

Miami’s wives in Poland

Ewa Sam comes from Słupsk, but has been living in the United States for 23 years. There she got married and started a family. She is a mother of three children. Ela Pruszyńska she is also a mother of three kids. She was born in Chicago, but has Polish roots. He runs a beauty salon in Miami. It also has its own clothing brand.

Both women starred in the show “Wives of Miami”. They know and like each other very well, and now they have visited Poland together.

“I have a lot of plans here,” Eve said. – I came to pick up samples of my creams, which are for mature skin to age beautifully. I love cooking, so I am writing a cookbook. I want to share my kitchen with the fans. I love traveling, so I’m also working on a project to make people’s dreams come true so that they can come to Miami and see this place – added Sama.

Meetings with loved ones are an integral part of her visits to the country. – I miss my family so much. I have a wonderful mother, aunt, brother, sister-in-law, niece – Ewa calculated.

How do Polish women live in Miami?

Ela Pruszyńska has lived in many countries, but Miami in the United States is her place on Earth.

Miami is the most beautiful place in the world. It’s great, everyone has a lot of energy – she admitted.

Pruszyńska fulfills herself as a businesswoman, but children are her priority. – My daughter is in Miami now and her dad is taking care of her. We have alternating care because we are no longer together. One of my sons went to Philadelphia Military School. He wanted it himself. He’s been four weeks without a phone, and I miss him and write him letters every day. My eldest son is a goalkeeper. He played in France, and now he will play in Spain – boasted Ela.

According to the Miami Wives, can anyone who flies to the United States make their American dream come true?

– I don’t think it works like that. It seems to be such a myth. My husband did achieve success, but he worked very hard for it. But it is a country full of opportunities. This saying applies to these possibilities. You can come from anywhere and if you work hard, have ambitions and an idea for yourself, you really have an open path to success. From zero to millionaire – admitted Ewa Sama.

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