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Surprise for Bursucu at Kanal D. Who surprised him at work: “I heard his voice, obviously I recognized him”

Bursucu received an unexpected visit right at Kanal D, an emotional meeting that caused buzz in the television corridors. Little Anays, the star’s daughter, came to visit her father and made her presence felt from the first steps in the television headquarters.

Casually, as if born in front of the cameras, little Anays started asking her father’s colleagues where he was. “I heard his voice, obviously I recognized it, but I didn’t understand what was happening, I thought it was all in my head?” He is a resourceful, bold and humorous kid, I think he looks like me. He opened all the doors until he found me”, said Bursucu, amused.

The Kanal D star says he is a father who can hardly refuse anything to his child. The little girl resembles her in many ways, and the star’s talent seems to have been passed on to her daughter. “As soon as he hears a song, Anays starts dancing and singing. It’s unstoppable! And I could say that it has both rhythm and voice. If she wants to pursue a career in this sense, I will support her!” said Bursucu.

Bursucu, about the salary from Kanal D: “It’s modest”

The star of Kanal D does not complain about the salary he receives and says that it is a modest one. “I don’t have a high salary. He is modest…”, he said for Cancan.

Bursucu believes that all the sacrifices he makes for television are worth it. “It’s worth it, of course. If you love what you do and really want to do it, it’s worth it. In life, if you don’t make sacrifices, you can’t achieve anything. You want to do something in life, to perform, you dedicate yourself. Sacrifice your time, sacrifice your friends, family, if you want to do the right thing. We have a team behind us. They give us materials, we get the best out of them. You have that headset in your ears that gets you out of trouble,” Bursucu said.

He appeared for years on the “Teo Show”, but for months he withdrew. He also presented the morning show “Morning with us”, but this was removed from the autumn schedule of Kanal D. He now presents “Wheel of Fortune”.

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