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Shakira clarified if she already has a new love after separating from Piqué

Shakira has continued to be news in recent months, his break with Gerard Piquéafter more than ten years of relationship, has been one of the most commented events in the international media, as many did not expect that the love between the two celebrities would come to an end.

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It is known that the footballer already has a relationship with a young woman, Clara ChiaHowever, a general question could be if the pop star also already has someone by her side, a man to replace the Catalan.

Much has been said about it, but the truth is that the woman from Barranquilla has been between Miami and Barcelona, ​​connected to her family, at this time, which has obviously been very hard for her.

The Colombian on the new cover of Elle

Now, Shakira is once again the center of attention by starring in the most recent cover of Elle United States, in addition to some photos in which she appears looking stunning, she also gave an exclusive interview, in which she touches on issues of her sentimental life.

One name that appeared in the middle of the conversation was that of his colleague, Alejandro Sanz, with whom it was rumored he had an affair when they collaborated on the successful song ‘La Tortura’.

The alleged romance was never officially confirmed, but this collaboration did lead to a close friendship, in fact, the Spaniard has been supporting the interpreter of ‘Que Me Quedes Tú’ after their separation Piqué, In addition, a few days ago, it was mentioned that Sanz was the one who advised her to move to Miami, United States.

The men who have been supportive

In the interview with Elle she was asked: “Who has been helping you [luego de la ruptura]?” To which Shakira replied: “Luckily I have found an incredible and human side in people who I thought were in my life only for work. But no, they really have an empathy and a heart that explains why they are so loved. For example, We are in contact often and one day he even sent me a beautiful prayer, for my children and for me to find peace. Chris Martin is always there and he tells me that he is there for me. Or Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz. dear friends who […] They not only care about me as an artist, but as a person.”

Does Shakira already have a new boyfriend?

Then they took the opportunity to ask him about his sentimental life and in this way Mebarak revealed whether or not he has a new love:

“All my life I have been in relationships and I thought that was the ideal state. You know, being part of a couple. But right now, it’s just me, the kids, my family and those friends I have regular contact with.”

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Although at the moment he is enjoying his single life, he does not definitively close the window to a new romance in the future: “Let’s wait for that hole in my chest to close [por la separación con Gerard Piqué] And then we’ll see what happens.”

Source: Elespectador

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