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Fabiola, 72, fulfilled her dream of dancing a quinceañera waltz

The setting of the second season of The Senior Voice became a platform to enjoy the talent of singers over 60 years old and to see them fulfill their dreams, with the help of coaches Nacho, Andres cepeda and Kany Garcia.

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Like a dreamer, María Fabiola stepped on the ‘diamond’ to interpret the song I’m going to forget, by Alberto Aguilera. Quickly Nacho and Kany Garcia they turned around before the talent of the 72-year-old from Antioquia, and the Puerto Rican took away from Cepeda the possibility of turning his chair.

María Fabiola fulfilled her dream of dancing her fifteen-year-old waltz in ‘La Voz Senior’

the presenter Ivan Lalinde He was in charge of bringing the good news to the native of Medellin, who has been living in the Colombian capital for more than 30 years. With great pride, the mother of an only child and grandmother of six little ones, spoke to the coaches about the love she feels every day when she goes out to sell arepas at the door of her house, located in the town of San Cristobal.

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“They line me up, I leave at 4:30 in the afternoon and at 7:30-8:00 I am already finishing selling them, I always treat them with the same affection that I treat my people, I have almost always lived alone, with the company of my nephews who live here right away, I am a person who takes care of myself”said the woman, who considers herself a romantic and who has always sung to life.

In addition to impressing the coaches with her voice, and before choosing Kany García’s team, the contestant asked for the help of the three professionals and the program’s band to fulfill a dream she had had for decades. “The dream that I have had all my life is to dance my fifteenth birthday waltz, my parents could not celebrate me and a friend of theirs, Doña Myriam, was the one who made me a little dress and bought me a cake”he confessed. “I wanna”said Cepeda, and immediately, and at the same time with Nachowent to the stage and danced with María Fabiola a waltz worthy of a fifteen-year-old party.

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