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Johnny Depp would be dating his lawyer, who is it?

Fresh off his much-hyped and controversial lawsuit for defamation in court, the American actor Johnny Depp is back in the headlines due to an alleged new love.

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One of the most famous court cases this year also left the actor’s lawyers in the spotlight of the paparazzi and international media.

Does Johnny Depp already have a new love?

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor had not been shown with any partner since coming out of his divorce and his toxic relationship with Amber Heard became known.

This Thursday the middle AND! News He was in charge of confirming the news that the 59-year-old artist is dating a London-based lawyer who represented him in his defamation lawsuit.

Her name is Joelle Rich and she was part of Depp’s legal team when he decided to file a lawsuit against the British tabloid. The Sun, in 2018, for calling him a “wife beater,” referencing his previous marriage to actress Amber Heard.

Although Rich was not on Depp’s most recent legal team, he did show his support for the actor. Rum Diary by making several appearances in court during his trial, ”highlights the aforementioned medium.

Similarly, a source close to the magazine People reported that although both are dating, this supposed romance would not be something serious. However, the closeness that both maintain continues to give something to talk about.

This new romance occurs three months after rumors circulated on social networks about an alleged affair between Depp and his lawyer Camille Vásquez. She was in charge of representing him during the defamation trial.

Camille Vásquez talks about the type of relationship she had with Johnny Depp

Taking into account the affectionate gestures and the closeness that was seen between Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp, around the month of June there were rumors that there could be a romance between the lawyer and the interpreter.

At that time, the lawyer in an interview with People made it clear that they were just friends and there was nothing else there: “I have known Johnny for four years, he is a friend, but first he is my client. He was going through something very difficult”.

Likewise, the litigant mentioned the reason why she was so affectionate with him in said trial, “I love my clients very much. I am Hispanic, I like to hug and touch people. I gave him hugs because he needed them.”

That was not all, Vasquez also revealed that she is engaged, “He is from England, he is a very good boy and I love him very much. We met in November.”

Source: Elespectador

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