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Video: this is how Piqué reacted after Shakira’s interview | Clara Chia

Shakira’s interview took her fans and the national and international media by surprise, since, generally, the Colombian is not used to speaking publicly about her private life. However, she decided to break the silence, and in dialogue with the magazine Elle, He opened his heart and expressed how he has faced this difficult process.

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After his statements, his fans were waiting to hear Piqué’s reaction, who has been captured several times by the paparazzi, but he did not want to refer to the subject.

After several months of silence, Shakira broke the silence and referred to her separation from Piqué. The soccer player and Clara Chía reacted to her statements.

Photo: Getty Images – David Ramos

What did Piqué say about Shakira’s statements?

After Shakira and Piqué met to try to reach an agreement, which apparently was not achieved because the footballer ended up leaving the place, the interpreter of Eyes like that, who was very calm, surprised with the aforementioned interview, while The athlete took the opportunity to have a romantic getaway to Paris with his new girlfriend, Clara Chía, with whom he was seen to be very much in love.

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Upon returning to Barcelona, ​​the footballer and his new girlfriend were caught on camera Europe Press in the airport. However, when they became aware of the presence of the media, they showed their discomfort.

The member of the aforementioned medium insisted on asking them what they thought about what Shakira said, but instead of answering, they both tried to run away without saying a word. “Piqué, how are you, how was the romantic trip to Paris? I see that it is already a serious relationship.” the journalist told him, while the athlete, along with Clara Chía, tried to escape from the camera, walking very fast.

Immediately, he confronted him with the words of the Colombian. “Shakira says that music is like therapy, what do you have to say?”, but he did not get any response from the footballer either. Then, in the images, Clara is seen trying to enter through a door so as not to be recorded, but since it was closed, she had to go back, visibly upset by the pressure of the media. Finally, the journalist chose not to question them further, but continued to record them. When the couple felt out of camera range, he held hands and continued on his way.

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Video: Courtesy Europa Press

How old is Gerard Pique?

The Spanish soccer player was born on February 2, 1987, in Barcelona, ​​Spain. He is currently 35 years old, 10 years younger than Shakira and 12 years older than his current girlfriend, Clara Chía.

Source: Elespectador

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