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Who is Leandro Díaz as a child in the RCN series? His father is a vallenato singer

Last Monday, November 19, the RCN channel premiered the biographical series of Vallenato minstrel Leandro Díaz, a production starring Silvestre Dangond. The composer’s story has generated all kinds of emotions among viewers, who have been aware of the details of each chapter.

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During almost 60 years of artistic career, Leandro Diaz, together with Emiliano Zuleta and Rafael Escalona, ​​was one of the most important composers of the traditional vallenato genre. He composed more than 360 songs, among them, the crowned goddess Y Matilda Lina.

Abel Villa is Leandro Díaz in the series

Although, it is carried out by the interpreter of I like I like, There is a character who, these days, has caught the attention of viewers and has earned the affection of Colombians for his performance. It is about little Abel Antonio Villa, who personifies Leandro Díaz in his childhood stage.

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From what has been seen so far, although it is his first job as an actor, at his young age, Abel has proven to be a professional, becoming a promise on Colombian television.

Whose son is Abel Villa, who plays Leandro Díaz?

The small but talented boy, He is the son of the singer and actor Beth Villa, who, in fact, is also part of the production playing Toño Salas, a great friend of the minstrel.

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Beto Villa Jr, is remembered for his characters in Hey pretty, Land of singers, La beach and Carnival Dust. Through his social networks, he has expressed how happy and proud he feels for the impeccable work that his son Abel Antonio is doing as the protagonist. “I am the proudest dad in the world. Me @abelitoantoniovilla… I said it before and I repeat it now… Colombia is going to love you for your passion, for that gift to transmit, for your relentless talent and for your precious heart son. All this year I know it has been hard, but the time has come to see the fruits that my champion was telling you about”, reads in a publication made by the actor.

In social networks, users have already left their opinion about the child’s work, and almost everyone agrees that he has great talent and is doing an excellent job. “I loved Abel’s work, his effort and dedication is reflected, he has great talent”, “Abelito’s debut in love, he has it in his blood”, “talented like his father”, “and all of Colombia is loving him , excellent work”, “pretty little boy worthy son of your parents, you already got into our hearts”.

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