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5 celebrities experiencing parenthood for the first or second time

Joseph Narvaez

“I am madly in love. I’m happy. It is a moment of my life that I would not have imagined, that was not even in the last of my thoughts, and I am truly fulfilled as a father. My other children are already taking their path, it hurts a little, but this baby is the reason to continue working for our love, for our family and our home.

pipe good

“The coolest thing about being a dad is that that little person, every day gives you ‘gasoline’ and energy to do things that you thought you weren’t capable of doing. The process to learn to change him, bathe him and play with him has not been difficult. What I enjoy the most is bathing him and bathing with him!”

Alexander Riano

“Being a dad has been wonderful.. Something that motivates you to keep working all the time. Coming home and seeing them is the most exciting thing.” He laughs when asked what he enjoys more, changing diapers, giving bottles, bathing them, dressing them or playing with them, and without thinking he answers: “Games”. And of course, of course, if he made them a game room where they have a ball pool, a basketball court for children and they spend their time playing ball wars, strikeouts or hide and seek.

Juan David ‘the chicken’ Echeverry

A year ago Thiago was born, the firstborn of the then model Juan David ‘El Pollo’ Echeverri, since then his hours of sleep have never been the same. He admits that the people who warned him that he would never sleep again fell short of his appreciation. “What a wild night owl (laughs), but well, I think that in the end it is an effort with so much love that it becomes easy”, he says.

John Paul Navarrete

“How lucky I am to have been a father. You can’t imagine how many life lessons my daughters have taught me…”. Juan Pablo Navarrete, popular music singer, above anything else, is a proud father who has known how to value, like anyone else, the blessing and joy of being a father. He sings it, reveals it and shows it off on his social media every chance he gets.

Source: Elespectador

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