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Is it embarrassing to have nose surgery in the summer?

“Nose surgeries” top the list of plastic surgeries performed in Turkey. One of the questions that most worry patients is whether nose surgeries can be performed in the summer. Can nose surgery be done in the summer? Does the patient have a problem? Ear, Nose and Throat disease specialist Prof. Dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen explained the issues on the subject.

Sezen’s statements are as follows:

There is a general perception in society that performing rhinoplasty surgeries in the summer is inconvenient. This is because of the materials used in past surgeries. Yes, the old classic models of plasters and plasters on the nose used in the past gave the patient a feeling of discomfort with sweating in the summer. Also, the use of air conditioners was not so common in the past. These are the reasons why people do not use their time for surgery in favor of the summer season. But now the conditions have changed a lot. The bandages currently in use are modern materials that can breathe comfortably and are unaffected by seasonal conditions. Also, there are air conditioners almost everywhere, in areas where people spend time. Therefore, it is not inconvenient to have nose surgery in the summer.


Thanks to all the scientific research and years of experience, we have found that patients operated in summer do not experience more bleeding, bruising, edema and swelling than patients operated in other seasons. . For this reason, these surgeries can be easily performed during summer seasons. Even the summer season has certain advantages. We can say that this season accelerates post-operative recovery. For instance; The patient can swim in the sea 3 weeks after the operation. Seawater contributes to faster healing of intranasal wounds thanks to its salty effect.

Apart from this, illnesses like flu and cold that people experience during the winter season can negatively affect the recovery process after nose surgery. Dry nose in winter is one of the most commonly reported problems. In the humid air in the summer, the dryness of the nose is at a minimum, if there is no problem, it will not happen at all.

Employees take annual leave from their place of work during the summer, and students over 18 take a school break during the summer vacation. People who do not want to get away from their work or studies can have nose surgery during the summer holidays. These are the reasons that I have listed, they indicate that nose surgery can be performed in the summer, there are no disadvantages, and even there are advantages.


After the operation is successful, the nose remains stuffy for some time and the patient may have difficulty breathing. This congestion will be corrected with salt water to be applied and frequent dressings.

Another thing to consider is sun protection. It is necessary to protect the areas of swelling and bruising under the eyes, which can occur minimally after the operation, from direct sunlight for 2 months. It is a protection that can be easily applied. We recommend that people who have surgery in the summer wear a wide-brimmed hat when exposed to the sun and apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 to the bottom of the eyes every half hour.

It will be beneficial for them to rest at home for a week after the surgery. It would be preferable for this environment to be air-conditioned, that is to say slightly cool. They can breathe better by washing their nose with plenty of salt water and occasionally cleaning the crusts and clots in the nose. A patient should avoid using sunglasses for 2 months regardless of the nose surgery season. We recommend that you do not use glasses to prevent the soft tissues of the nose from deforming after surgery, with the pressure of the glasses.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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