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Karol G has an obsession that adds up to more than a million dollars

It is no secret to anyone that it has gained worldwide recognition Carol G with his music. His shows in Colombia, Mexico and even at the famous Coachella music festival confirm it.

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Karol G is now one of the exponents of urban music around the world. As a Colombian, it could be said that since Shakira You didn’t see a Colombian singer achieve so much fame and recognition.

Her more than 60 million followers on social networks, her three albums and many songs that have broken world records can also confirm the success of La Bichota. With fame also comes money, and the paisa has shown that she spares no expense when it comes to sharing with her friends or family, having a few treats is also not out of the list of priorities and her luxurious cars are the perfect test.

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Karol G and her collection of luxurious cars that add up to more than a million dollars

His obsession may have started when he received his first luxury car on his 28th birthday.

Her boyfriend at the time Anuel AA, gave him one of the most exclusive and expensive cars in the world: a yellow Rolls Royce Ghost, acquired on advance order, that is, each owner personalizes his car when he buys it. According to specialized portals, the car could have cost more than 350 thousand dollars, approximately one thousand five hundred million Colombian pesos.

Karol G’s cars also change color, like her hair

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The second car that he showed on social networks was also given to him by Anuel, now the husband of yailin ‘The most viral’. A Mercedes Benz van, valued at more than 600 million Colombian pesos. Although at first it was yellow, Karol G decided to paint it the same color as her hair. He went through the colors lilac, pink, green, orange and of course, his most iconic color: light blue.

Karol G proudly showed the first car he bought

Celebrating his 30th birthday, La Bichota decided not to wait any longer to treat himself and add another car to his collection.

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More than one thousand five hundred million Colombian pesos could cost him the Ferrari that the paisa proudly boasted on social networks, and that he also painted turquoise blue, similar to his hair tone.

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Source: Elespectador

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