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Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs also have a family tree

In all her time in the crown, the Queen Isabel II showed the passion and love that he lavished on his puppies, the vast majority of corgi breed. Its history spans several decades. Her first pet, Susan, was a corgi, which she received on her 18th birthday as a gift from her father, King George VI, another furry lover who also had Dookie at home, who arrived when the princess was just seven years old.

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With Susan, the monarch started a tradition. Her dogs, one of her greatest loves, not only drew attention for her beauty and good care, but also for their particular names, which were always in the news.

Names of the dogs of Queen Elizabeth II

Among the more than 30 dogs that accompanied the sovereign were Honey, Bee, Foxy, Pickles, Tinker, Piper, Jolly, Goerdie, Spark, Harris, Dime, Pundit, Emma, ​​Minnie, Whisky, Cider, Sherry, Honey, Candy. and Sugar. Fergus was named after the Queen’s uncle, Fergus Bowes-Lyon. Muick was named in recognition of one of the monarch’s favorite places inside Balmoral Castle, the residence where he died on September 8.

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Elizabeth also had some dorgis, a breed that emerged from a mix between corgi and the famous dachshunds. Being royalty, they were considered to be of a fine and expensive lineage. Various media in the United Kingdom and expert professionals in matters of the crown assured, on more than one occasion, that the new lineage emerged in 1970, thanks to the union of Pipkin, the dachshund owned by Princess Margaret, the queen’s sister, and a corgi named Tiny.

Family tree of the dogs of Queen Elizabeth II

As if it were another royal family, you need to have a pencil and paper in hand to understand the descendants of each little animal that accompanied the sovereign during decades. The Royal Family has not shared further details of the life of each pet that the monarch had, however, it was the BBC who was in charge of making an outline of the history of each one of them. In total almost 60 corgis, “Not all of the queen’s dogs are registered, so it is likely that the family tree has even more branches than the one shown,” says the family tree shared by the British media. “The Queen and Princess Margaret were so delighted with the result that they mated the dogs again, and around 10 dorgi puppies were born over the years,” confirmed the BBC.

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