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Denisa, Flick’s wife, gave birth to a baby girl. What name did they choose for the little girl: “Words cannot transpose emotion and joy”

Denisa, Flick’s wife, gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl on Thursday, June 23rd. The two parents posted an emotional poem for their daughter on social networks.

The wait is over! Flick became a father for the first time. Denisa Filcea gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl on Thursday, who was named Eva Maria. The former presenter from Radio ZU composed an emotional poem for the little girl.

“The dream comes true
Because from today it is
An extra beating heart
Next to ours, in the story.

Words cannot transpose
Emotion and joy
To hold a miracle in his arms.
Welcome, Eva Maria! ❤️“, Flick wrote on one of the social networks.

The two have kept the baby’s sex secret until now, and the news made the fans happy. On social networks, fans left hundreds of messages with congratulations.

Denisa Filcea made some statements some time before giving birth and said how important it is for them to become parents. The couple longed for a child, so their dream came true.

“Becoming a parent is a very important step for me and my husband. We are aware that this is special and unique to us. It doesn’t make us special in front of anyone. Hundreds of babies are born every minute. I don’t agree with people who say that you only really become a woman after you become a mother. On the contrary, it seems to me extremely limited to say such a thing.

I respect, support and empathize with each woman, regardless of age, who until now or many will never have children. I am grateful for this blessing in our lives and the greatest achievement in our couple. We do things only for ourselves “, Denisa said recently.

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