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Meeting of cinema and music in Izmir

100 years ago, the words, the sound, the music of the cinema. As the film rolled across the screen, names like Ferit Alnar in Istanbul supplemented the cinema with the music they were making at the time. The young Adnan Saygun, with his piano, is said to rest in the National Library, which was established by Mehmed Celaleddin Bey, who made a great contribution to the cultural life of Izmir, and in the Alhamra cinema, which was opened to generate income. This time, the city with an indescribable environment where music, films and books meet; It hosted the “Izmir International Film and Music Festival”, organized for the second time by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (İzBB) under the leadership of Vecdi Sayar, from June 10 to 19, 2022.

A few minutes later, the great conductor, who was to applaud the work “Özsoy”, composed by a young Izmirian (Adnan Saygun) and staged that evening, entered the hall of the Turkish foyer in Ankara and greeted the audience with his guest, the Shah of Iran. Story; June 19, 1934…

The same minutes 88 years later… (for the closing of the festival) The president of the IzBB, Tunç Soyer, humbly entered the hall of the art center Ahmed Adnan Saygun (named after this young composer from Izmir) and greeted the masters and workers of music with the cinema of our country. and abroad. The date is June 19, 2022…

The festival, which was held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the great victory of Kuvayi Milliye, i.e. the centenary of the liberation of Izmir, and where 120 local and foreign films were screened, also included events such as interviews and signings. In addition to the work prize, where film critic Atilla Dorsay and sound and production worker Necip Sarıcı are appreciated, the intercultural art prize was awarded to the French director of Algerian origin of Roman origin Tony Gatlif, together with Zülfü Livaneli (Polish composer) the Zbigniew Preisner Honorary Prize. While Sarici dedicated his award to Atatürk, Gatlif said that “after coming to Ankara with his first film penniless and without knowing a word in 1984, he went to Ankara, where he met a great friendship and support of the Turks and that he loves the Turks very much”. In the competition; The jury selections, of which Erden Kıral was the head of the jury, were as follows:

The festival, where representatives of the fields of cinema and music meet, different windows open for cinema, and valuable exchanges are made on the path traced by an experienced cultural personality like Vecdi Sayar; It has already taken its place among the few original projects outside of Istanbul that focus on film and music. Millet, third, three hundredth film and music festival…
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– Best Original Song in a Digital Platform Series – Sena Şener (Blu TV – “Hidden” series – with the song “Hidden in the Deep”)

– Best National Channel Series Original Song – Ender Gündüzlü (TV Star – “The Game of My Destiny” series – song “The Ways Going To You”)

– Best Original Music in a Digital Platform Series-Sertaç Özgümüş-(Netflix-series “Uysallar”)

– Best Original Music in a National Channel Series – Sertaç Özgümüş (Fox TV – “Prisoner” series)

– Best Sound Design – Eli Haligua, Fatih Rağbet, Greg Dobrowski – (In the Shadows by Erdem Tepegöz)

– Best Original Movie Song – Barış Diri (“Ahmet Abi” song by Tufan Taştan in the movie “Sen Ben Lenin”)

– Prize for the best original composition – Nikos Kypourgos (with the original music of the film “Kerr” by Tayfun Pirselimoğlu)

– Best Actor – Halil Babür (“The list of those who love me” by Emre Erdoğdu) and Murat Kılıç (film “Kumbara” by Ferit Karol)

– Best Actress-Gülçin Kültür Şahin (for her role in the film “Kumbara” by Ferit Karol)

– Tayfun Pirselimoğlu Jury-Director Special Prize

– Best Film – “You Ben Lenin” (director Tufan Taştan)

Source: Cumhuriyet

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