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Núria Tómas, Piqué’s ex-girlfriend who today shines in a docuseries

Gerard Piqué and Nuria Tomas were together until 2010

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Only Núria Tomás knows what a breakup is that unleashes a wave of gossip in the world of entertainment. In 2010, after the world championship won by Spain in South Africa in 2010, she and Gerard Piqué (then head of the Iberian team) went on vacation.

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What seemed like a wonderful and deserved time for the actress and the athlete became the goodbye to a relationship that was supposedly broken by Shakira. It was a matter of months for the rumor to incarnate in the love between the Colombian and the Spanish center-back who defends the colors of Barcelona FC.

As expected, Núria was devastated and exposed to the press. Some treated him as a victim of the talented Shakira, as if it were a witch hunt that usually arises when we talk about guilty and innocent in separations.

As a result of the recent crisis of Shakira and Piqué, which happens twelve years after they met to record the video of the song waka waka, the figure of Núria has reappeared strongly. It is natural that some journalists speculate on the relief that the European artist is feeling.

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Currently, Tomás is married, is the mother of two children and stars in a series that can be seen on her website. The scandal that surrounds her ex-partner and her Barranquilla forced her to talk about it in the midst of so much speculation.

Nuria’s words

“It has been a total harassment and takedown of my phone while I was being admitted to the hospital. A horror. But I have also received nice messages. I wanted to thank the media that you have just broadcast that I had launched a series right then without judging. Respect is appreciated.” The entrepreneur held her followers on Instagram. “If you have come to this account because they have sold you that I have made a series in which I talk about a relationship that I had 12 years ago, then you are not going to find that. You will be disappointed.”

about his second son

“I wanted to make this video after a few days and I have been able to enjoy the cloud of labor from the birth of my second child. I need to express myself for what has happened in the last two weeks. I need to tell you what I think because it is very good to be silent and I know how to do it very well. But this time I have not carried it as well, ”said the actress.

In 2018 he was reunited with love

Tomás is with the father of his two children. In 2020 she married Agus Puig in Catalonia. In the docuseries Ella la Española, she states the following: “I had two turning points in my life, in my adolescence. At the age of 21 something happened to me that totally changed my life. I always say that part of my innocence stayed there and there I began to be another”.

Does the production refer to Gerard Piqué? For lovers of gossip, the answer is not in capital letters. However, if you want to discover more about the ex-partner of the Barcelona star, you can see her on this page.

Source: Elespectador

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