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Imamoglu Collection

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, does not forget Beylikdüzü, of which he was the mayor. As he had promised before, he opened an art gallery in the place just opposite the house he lived in, and the first exhibit was the Ekrem İmamoğlu collection. “We are trying to make Beylikdüzü popular,” İmamoğlu said while welcoming his guests. Beylikdüzü is west of Istanbul. Since there is no rail system, transportation overland took over three hours from the city center. Paris is such a big city, but there are metros and trains everywhere. You are not tied to ground traffic. As you know, the municipalities erected these huge blocks, but they did not give importance to the railway system for 25 years!


We also know those who came to the exhibition of the collection where Ekrem İmamoğlu welcomed his guests with his wife, son and daughter. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana, Zeydan Karalar, and some district mayors as well as artists dominate. Imamoglu has a very rich collection ranging from painting to sculpture over the years. Another feature of the collection is that it contains many different names, from figurative to abstract, from Abidin Dino to Balaban to Refik Anadol. “How do you choose? to my question, he says “I take what I like”. By buying what he likes, he does not take into account the price or the fact that he is a famous artist. however, he has been receiving advice for 3-4 years and is gradually becoming a professional collector.


The curator of the exhibition was Mahir Polat. Deputy Secretary General of IMM, but for me the boss of IMM Heritage, in love with Istanbul, passionate about restoration and history. “Collectors, art audiences yearn to share the artist’s vision of what is seen through the artist’s eyes,” he says. While preparing the selection of 103 artists, he also explains the difficulty of making a selection over a period of 100 years.

Curiosity about DIGITAL

Imamoglu, Assoc. Dr. In the interview she gave to Ebru Nalan Sülün, among the works of particular importance to her, the plum still life by Abit Güner, which Abit Güner begged to take back after the sale, but did not return, Horon by Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu because he is from the Black Sea region, and of course, İBB. He counts the Fatih Sultan Mehmet painting he bought. After visiting Refik Anadol’s exhibition, he was fascinated, visited twice, became interested in digital art and now looks at it everywhere! He says that the biggest problem for collectors is being able to store artifacts in the right conditions, and as we have seen examples of, these accumulated artifacts eventually lead the owner to open a museum! The Beylikdüzü gallery brings art to the western district, which grew up in this corner of its own. Maybe there will be an art museum here in the future, why not?

Source: Cumhuriyet

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