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When does MasterChef 2022 start? Who are the members of the MasterChef 2022 jury?

survivorjust after TV8 The filming of the new season of the competition program MasterChef Turkey, which will start broadcasting on the screen, continues. When does MasterChef 2022 start? Who are the members of the MasterChef 2022 jury?


The new season of MasterChef Turkey will start airing on TV8 screen on Friday July 1st.


MasterChef Turkey, where Somer Sivrioğlu, Mehmet Yalçınkaya and Danilo Zanna have served on the jury for three seasons, will be on screen with the same team.

Mehmet Şef MasterChef 2022 statement

It was claimed that Mehmet Chef, who was a member of the jury of Masterchef Turkey for 3 seasons, would not participate in the program this year.Last year, it was claimed that Mehmet Yalçınkaya, who learned that Somer Sivrioğlu was receiving a dollar salary, came out to Acun Ilıcalı. Mehmet Yalçınkaya denied these allegations in an interview with Hürriyet.

Yalçınkaya denied the allegations with the following words:

I am in the “MasterChef” program. There are also things written there. “He threw a dollar in Acun Ilıcalı’s face.”, “He left the studio.”, “He and Somer argued with the chef.” as. There are stars who always cause trouble on set, like him. I haven’t talked about money with Acun Ilıcalı in my whole life. I never had a conversation with Acun Ilıcalı about money. I haven’t read any contract. İrem Kanan is coming, they already talked to Acun Bey. Mr. İrem came to see me and said, “Chief, what are you saying? said. I say good luck. It’s not because I didn’t seek my right; I knew before working here that Acun Medya gives and will give everyone their due. Journalists can make such news. I care about criticism, but I don’t care about news like this. İrem, Bilgin and I take photos and say we talked about the new year. In the morning, the same news was redone. We’re going to Acun Ilıcalı’s birthday, it’s the same again. Yeah, I’m gonna quit the program and go to Acun Bey’s birthday party. Because my friend. Our relationship with them is not really programmatic; Normally the people I like. “MasterChef” is our baby. We made him grow as a team. What bothers me is this; For one thing, I’m not a money man. I have never had stale money in my life. I distribute it anyway, the money bothers me. I am not someone who manages the money, my son manages. I already want the money from them. I don’t do “MasterChef” for the money. They wrote that they had a falling out with Somer last year. Somer and I fight eighty percent for food. We had disputes over where the food came from. It’s not like money, stamps, you’re in front, I’m behind.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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