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Research: Gen Z wants to be their own boss

Since Generation Z was born at a time when digital technology is actively used, it is made up of individuals with dominant characters, more educated than previous generations and capable of making their own decisions. According to the research findings, Gen Z, who think their entrepreneurial aspects are heavy, have a strong desire to start their own business.

At the same time, they don’t like working with a manager who gives directions or colleagues who tell them what to do and what not to do. In the research, “If you had a choice, what type of job would you like to work in?” When asked, 62.0% of them answered that they were my own company, 19.8% of them were civil servants, 15.0% of them were from the private sector and 3.2% were undecided.


In the same research, when young people were asked about their expectations in relation to professional life, 36.7% answered that to earn money. Career 25.0, gain prestige 12.8%, gain experience 11.1%, contribute to my personal development 8.0%, have friends and circles 5.9% and work in a known company/ popular 0.5% and other factors listed as.

When young people’s perceptions of the concept of success were examined, it was found that the majority of them define success as a career. It turned out that concepts such as prestige and peace after career were synonymous with success for young people with a rate of 25%.


According to the research results, spending time with friends online or offline on social media is the most important leisure method for young people. In the research, young participants were asked, “How do you spend your free time? When asked, 20.2% of them are on social media, 16.2% are with my friends, 14.7% read books, 9.1% play console games/ PC, 7.9% play sports, 7.6% answered with their family, 5.8% doing housework and 4.6% being alone.

“Which communication channel do you use most frequently to obtain information on the agenda? » To the question, 61.9% social media, 18.1% visual media (television channels), 10.1% websites, 5.7% printed media (newspapers, magazines), 4.2% my neighbor and my family revealed the channels of communication.


“Gen Z”What kind of actor characters do you feel closest to in a TV show or movie? » When asked, 23.8% are smart, 22.1% funny, 13.9% ambitious, 13.6% innocent, 11.7% resourceful, 6.6% bad, and 1.8% said that they felt close to the beautiful character. Young people relate to smart and funny characters rather than being handsome or beautiful.

The research was conducted between April 30 and May 6, 2022, with the participation of 1,100 young people aged 15 to 24, using the quantitative research methods CATI “Computer Assisted Telephone Survey Technique” and CAWI “Computer Aided Web Survey Technique” (Digital panel based on the profile of Areda Survey) made with a model.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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