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Monsieur Periné sings to love without labels with his single “Tú y yo”

Monsieur Perine.

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Love as a principle, freedom as a flag, ‘You and I’ It is a brave song that invites us to swim in the honeys of love without the weight of labels. The new single from the Colombian band, Monsieur Periné, is the third on the air of their new musical work that will be released this year.

The song was written by Catherine Garcia Y Santiago Prietobeside Yasmil Marrufo Y Serving First; and featured the voice of the renowned Spanish composer, Vanessa Martin. The co-production was in charge of Raphael Sardine, who has worked with artists of the stature of Stevie Wonder and 13th Street.

Vanessa Martin, Spanish singer, poet and composer, in addition to being recognized for her career, she has sold thousands of copies in Spain and Latin America; She is an activist of free love: “Let everyone live and fall in love with whoever they want”, she answered in an interview.

Monsieur Periné – You and Me (Official Video) ft. Vanessa Martin

“’Tú y yo’ is a song inspired by a true love story. A love story so, so great, that it was able to dissolve any barrier. It is written like a letter whose sender understands between the lines because he feels it, because he reads it with his heart”, he affirms. Catherine Garcia.

This new single comes out in June, the month in which free and diverse love is celebrated. Taking pride as an excuse, the band joins the conversation making their position clear: “Beyond joining a celebration, it is important for us to talk about what according to our vision love is: Love seen as universal energy, a necessary, powerful, free love, without labels or rules, even capable of healing the world”, adds García.

The video clip was recorded in Mexico City, created by MadLove and directed by Natalia Agudelo Campillo. 25 people with different orientations participated in it, who bet on sharing their true love story with the world, among them, the renowned Mexican trans artist and singer Zemmoa, the influencer SoyDario; and Gabriela Ortega and Uriel Suárez, a blind couple whose love goes beyond the screen.

“This audiovisual piece is part of the narrative universe that we are developing together with Cata and Santi for the new album, where we bet on the creation of a deep concept from love and freedom, which we will reveal until the release of the album and which is present in every detail and decision we make. The filming of ‘Tú y yo’ also had a team led by women, including Alexandra Bas as director of photography, Laura Camila Cortés as camera operator and Julia Martinez as assistant director. We also have the participation of the Colombian photographer based in Mexico, Juan Retallack for the promotional photos, and the special 35mm portraits of the renowned Colombian artist and photographer Pedro Santos”, says Natalia Agudelo, director of the video.

‘Tú y yo’ is the appetizer of a long-awaited musical work that hints at the evolution and maturity of this Colombian band that has been making avant-garde music for a decade, capable of moving the soul.

After reaching #1 with his hit ‘Nuestra Canción’ on the TikTok US chart and Spotify Global viral Chart and reaching more than 2 billion views and 2 million uses, Monsieur Periné prepares his reunion with the public after the pandemic : Volverte a Ver Tour, a tour —with more than 20 dates— throughout North America, where performances stand out in iconic venues such as The Ford in Los Angeles to Sony Hall in New York City.

Source: Elespectador

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