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Brad Pitt admits he spent a year looking for treasure in his castle in France

American actor Brad Pitt made a statement to men’s magazine GQ. Pitt said someone told him that a large treasure worth millions of dollars was buried in the garden of his castle, noting that he had purchased radar equipment, he said he had searched for treasure in the garden of his castle for a year and had become obsessed with it.

“The only thing I thought about for a year was treasure,” Pitt said, adding that his obsession with treasure hunting may be tied to where he grew up, adding that he grew up with it. stories of finding gold in his childhood.


pitt, “To obtain radar equipment from the company that the person owns, that the person who speaks of the imaginary treasure understands his intentions, albeit belatedly” stating that he confessed to being mistaken, “I felt pretty stupid, but I admit it, the treasure hunt was very exciting.‘ he said.

The Hollywood star said he struggled mentally after his divorce from ex-wife Jolie.

Stating that he was constantly stabbed in his dreams, Pitt said he had a period of depression, but not for very long.


Repeating Mevlana’s lines “Beyond good and evil there is a place beyond good and evil, there we will meet you”, Pitt expressed he felt lonely, heartbroken and always questioned the meaning of life.

“I’m like a bird from another country…I didn’t come here voluntarily, I can’t go here voluntarily anyway. Whoever brought me here must bring me home.” Continuing his speech with his verses, Pitt noted that he was on a quest.

Stating that he was on the wane of his Hollywood career, Pitt said that in the later period of his life he constantly questioned himself about what he should do: “When you feel you have to do something, it means it’s time for another adventure.” used the expression.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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