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Kamil from “Wedding at First Sight” confided in his relatives’ reaction to the divorce. Whom did they support?

Kamil and Agnieszka from “Wedding at First Sight” split up some time after the end of the program. The decision to divorce was made by a man. How did the family of a participant in the love experiment react to her?

Kamil and Agnieszka from “The Wedding at First Sight” – the turbulent history of the relationship

Agnieszka and Kamil signed up for the program to find true love. According to experts, they fit together, which is why they were paired. The future spouses liked each other from the very beginning and, interestingly enough, they said “yes” to each other without hesitation. During the wedding, they had a great time in each other’s company, while during their honeymoon they acted as if they had known each other for a long time.

Agnieszka, believing that her relationship had a chance for development, decided to change her whole life and move to her beloved’s hometown. Kamil seemed to want the same. However, at the end of the final episode of the 7th edition of the program, viewers found out that their story did not have a happy ending. Kamil felt nothing for Agnieszka, which ended their love story.

Kamil from “Wedding at First Sight” about breaking up with Agnieszka

The participants of the love experiment arrange their lives in their own way today, but right after the breakup, Aga lived with Kamil for some time. – When I told my family that I wanted a divorce, the family was not happy and they supported Agnieszka. Mom wanted Agnieszka to move to her – Kamil told the reporter at He also added that there is no longer any bad emotions between him and his ex-wife. – We have good relations today. Friendly. We can meet, reminisce, joke, without any blame to each other – he added.

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