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Make free wigs for kids without hair

Yasin Kirazlı, a women’s hairdresser working in Ankara, fulfills the dreams of children who have no hair due to diseases such as cancer and genetic disorders in different cities of Turkey. Kirazlı designs special wigs for children who have no hair, using natural and unprocessed hair donated by customers, based on their head circumference.

Syrian Hale Bereket (8), who had no congenital body hair due to genetic disorders, “I would also like to have hair” Kirazlı, who was not indifferent to her message, made the girl’s dream come true.

Kirazlı said many children watching his videos on social media also sent him a message of hope. “I was very impressed when I shaved a client’s hair, so I started styling the kids who didn’t have it. I’ve groomed over 180 kids so far. There are many children queuing” said.


Kirazlı said they could not remain indifferent to messages from social media, “We wanted our children to walk around freely with their hair in school without attracting anyone’s attention. My conscience is very comfortable. Our sensitive people send us their hair through donations. This is a project that I started to give children something more suitable and healthy. I have been continuing it since 2015. We continue with great success. “I am sad and full of emotion. I wish those kids had their own hair, so those situations wouldn’t be necessary.” he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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