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Mad Video Music Awards: MEGA’s announcement of the unprecedented incident

The trappers were caught again in the hands, on the bellows of the field when they left.

The Mad Video Music Awards returned Wednesday night (22/6) at the Tae Kwon Do Indoor Stadium.

The big music festival, however, was tarnished by the trappers Light and Snik who were held in the hands twice, as a result of which the show was interrupted for a long time and Elena Paparizou and Roula Koromilas were injured.

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The announcement of MEGA

MEGA, which will broadcast the awards on July 1 at 21:00, issued a statement condemning the events.

“MEGA has proven that it actively supports both music and artists and that it strongly condemns all forms of violence. The screening of the Mad Video Music Awards by MEGA will not include songs and awards of persons who were involved in acts of violence during the event. “Music unites us”, the Grand Canal said in its announcement.

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Posted by Mega TV (@megatvcom)

A similar announcement was made by Mad Tv

“The Mad Video Music Awards condemn all forms of violence. “In this context, no song or award of persons who participated in such unacceptable actions will be shown on television”, it is typically mentioned in an Instagram post.

“The Mad Video Music Awards 19 years ago are and will continue to be the celebration of the music that unites”, she concludes.

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Posted by Mad TV (@mad_tv)

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