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Karol G, sabotaged by a Yailin fan who put songs at her concert

It is still inevitable that many Internet users stop relating Carol G with Anuel AA and his current wife Yailin The Most Viral.

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Just when Karol G was making history, because he managed to Anahí, the famous Mía Colucci from RBD, went on stage after 11 years of not doing it; Anuel was signing the papers that identified him as the husband of Yailin the most viral, the 21-year-old woman with whom he started an affair a few months ago.

Karol G made headlines around the world for her great musical achievement, but it was just that same weekend that a tiktoker decided to “sabotage” her concert, with inefficient results.

Fan of Yailin the most Viral sabotaged Karol G’s concert

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While hundreds of people lined up to attend one of Karol G’s concerts this weekend in Mexico, others decided to make a presence just to make the attendees uncomfortable.

“When Karol G doesn’t come to her concert, but Yailin does”, It is heard at the beginning of the video, and then a young man is seen carrying a large speaker and one of the famous songs of Yailin, Anuel’s now wife, is heard.

Apparently, the video would have been an experiment, and its mission was achieved on a small scale, because in the images it can be seen how it ends up being booed by several Bichota fans.

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Source: Elespectador

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