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Is Yailin, Anuel’s wife, pregnant? rumors grow

Anuel AA and ‘Yailin, the most viral’ do not stop generating comments on social networks. Their relationship has been full of controversies, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.

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Last Friday they married civilly, news that has been widely commented on by their followers. Yesterday, Karol G’s ex was again a trend, after the Colombian Melissa Vallecilla confirmed that she had already given birth to her daughter, who would also be Anuel AA’s. The artist has not referred to it.

Will Anuel and Yailin become parents?

After the news of the birth of the baby, which would be from Anuel, rumors arose of an alleged pregnancy of the Dominican “Yailin, the most viral”. The comments began to circulate on social networks, after a video went viral that, according to Internet users, would be the “queen proof” that would confirm it.

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In the clip, Yailin appears lying on a bed, while Anuel caresses the abdomen of his now wife, with great delicacy and dedication. Similarly, the singer puts his head on the belly of the influencer, which is why it is speculated that the couple could be expecting a baby. In fact, on several occasions, they have talked about their desire to have a girl.

It is not the first time that it is speculated that “Yailin, the most viral”, now Anuel’s wife, would be pregnant. A short time ago the same thing was said on social networks, but the dancer came out to deny it. “That which is being commented on is the boy or the girl, no. Emma with me ever since we met he has wanted a girl with me, that’s not something from another world, so stop that. The day one wants to have one, one will have it. Ever since we met we’ve been really trying and it hasn’t come off. God is the one who knows here, but soon we will have a ‘viral’ in the house. I want her female, well as God sends her, but I want her female, Emma says she wants a girl”.

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Source: Elespectador

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