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The reason why Nadine does not want to return to Romania: “I assumed”

After taking the Bac at the age of 44, Nadine moved to France. The former TVR presenter no longer wants to hear about Romania and does not intend to return to the country too soon.

Nadine entered the world of fashion after participating in the “School of celebrities”. He had a period in which he retired, then returned to the small screen. He left his career and focused on his personal life. From 2019 to 2020, Nadine had a show on TVR that bore her name.

At the age of 44, the television star gave the Bac, then decided to move to France. Nadine is a strong woman and has a well-established plan. She does not want to return to Romania for the holidays either, and after France she wants to go to Spain. Asked if she wants to return home for the holidays, she ruled out this option from the start.

“I have assumed a way of living this piece of life and I can’t afford to want to celebrate the holidays with bacon and onions at the same table, with the same people. They don’t go with each other! ”Nadine told CANCAN.

The former TV presenter does not miss Romania at all. “For others, yes, but not for me! I don’t encourage those emotions, I don’t get nostalgic, I don’t allow myself to think about what’s left at home. I need a discipline of emotions so I can enjoy something else. I exchange the holiday table to enjoy this experience “, she also said for the above mentioned source.

Nadine would like to go to Spain

After finishing everything she has to do in France, the TV star plans to go to Spain. Nadine wants to raise her son in the healthiest way possible, so that he will not be afraid or be affected by the frustrations she has.

“I would like to go and explore Spain. Also for a period of one year. I would try! Because in a year it will still not be solved with COVID-19, but I want to choose to live this “lack of control” when I am on the beach in Spain. And I consciously and unconsciously say, “At least that’s what I chose.” And I have a child to raise who does not understand the magnitude of this pandemic and I do not want my frustrations and fears to affect him. Mom and Dad must be healthy, to give him a balance “, Nadine also told CANCAN.

Source From: Libertatea

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