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Mircea Moldovan, the temptation from “Love Island”, became the father of a boy. The first picture with the baby

Mircea Moldovan was one of the most appreciated temptations from “Love Island”, the show broadcast on Antena 1. Last season, the man confessed that he is retiring, after being part of the project, since the first season of the show . For two years, he has been living a beautiful love story with Simona, the woman who now gave him her first child.

Mircea Moldovan was one of the most coveted men on the television show. His big dream had nothing to do with the show, he really wanted to start a family and become a dad, and this wish has now been fulfilled.

Simona, his partner, gave birth on November 23 to a perfectly healthy baby boy. The big news was given by her, through a post on Facebook. The new mother posted a picture with her and Mircea Moldovan’s little boy. There he also revealed the little boy’s name: “Liam Moldovan”, she wrote on the social network.

Mircea Moldovan and his girlfriend, Simona, have been officially together for two years, since he returned from “Love Island”. The two talked for a long time, but it wasn’t serious, but when he returned to the country from filming the show, he decided to stay with Simona and build a family.

“I have emotions for when I will hold him in my arms. No one was born ready to be a father. To be honest, I am afraid of everything, from when I will make him a boy, when I will change his diaper “, Mircea Moldovan declared for Antena Stars, months before he became a father.

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