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The opera ruled the life of Bogusław Kaczyński. “The only thing missing was that he didn’t sing”

One cannot talk about the history of opera in Poland without mentioning Bogusław Kaczyński. Undisputed erudite and legend of Polish radio and television. What was his office like and what do his friends say about him?

The career of Bogusław Kaczyński

Journalist, music critic, popularizer of opera and operetta. He commented on and conducted the most important events related to classical music. When his name is mentioned, everyone emphasizes his extraordinary culture and impeccable kindergarten.

– He had very good manners – recalls Maria Szabłowska. – Much too good for the times in which he lived – he points out.

He started his career in a television center in Poznań. It was already known then that he was a man with an extraordinary personality.

– He came to me and, to my surprise, a beautiful gentleman entered and convinced me in an extremely coquettish manner that he was able to make a fantastic program about opera – reveals Zbigniew Napierała, a journalist’s friend. – He seemed special right away. […] He subordinated his entire life and career to the popularization of opera and classical music. He believed that art was jealous and that everything had to be sacrificed.

Authority in the field of opera

A flowery tale about operatic heroes became his trademark.

– When Boguś talked about the opera, it seems to me that he felt as if he were one of the heroes of this opera – says Janusz Olejniczak, the pianist, with gusto. – What really cares about librettos, often stupid, of various operas and operettas? And he said it with such commitment, as if he really participated in it. The only thing missing was that he wasn’t singing.

Ewa Podleś, an opera singer, does not hide that the announcer of Bogusław Kaczyński, who accompanied her recitals, attracted the audience as much as her vocal performances. Like any star, he was extremely superstitious: he never sent white flowers to the stage, trampled on notes and collected elephant figurines – only with their trunks upturned. His collection was over 2,000. objects.

A sudden illness interrupted his brilliant career. Thanks to intensive rehabilitation, Bogusław Kaczyński returned to the stage he loved with unquestionable reciprocity. In 2016, he died from another stroke.

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