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This is what Miguel Varoni looks like after his rejuvenation surgery

There are many people who decide to change certain aspects of their physical appearance and put themselves in the hands of professionals who offer them the alternative to look the way they want.

Miguel Varoni He is remembered for his character Pedro Coral Tavera in the soap opera Pedro the scaly, one of the most remembered in Colombia. Actor, director and television executive, husband of actress Catherine Siachoquehas always been considered one of the most attractive men in national and international entertainment, and the media is always aware of each of the news that he generates.

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A few months ago, the producer also caused a furor on social networks, by sharing a video in which it was shown how a group of health professionals analyzed and took measurements of his body. Immediately, among his followers they unleashed all kinds of comments, as they insistently wondered if he was sick.

However, after the rain of comments about the video, the Colombian decided to explain to his followers that after thinking about it for a long time, She had made the decision to undergo some cosmetic surgery to improve parts of her body such as her abdomen and face.

“I can’t believe it, it really is an extreme change!” “uhsss… it really is a radical change, you look much better Miguel”, “You looked like a fifteen-year-old, cute daddy”, “Before it was beautiful, but now you are beautiful”, are some of the comments that the actor has received in the photographs that he has shared after his intervention.

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A few hours ago, Dr. Alan González, the doctor in charge of the interventions carried out by Varoni, shared, exclusively and through his Instagram account, how Miguel looks a few months after the aesthetic procedures he underwent. The images became viral, as it is clear that the actor had a drastic physical change.

Will Miguel Varoni have his nose operated on?

There have been several comments from the actor’s followers, who recommend that he have his nose operated, part of his body that has characterized him, however, so far, Miguel has not commented on the matter. Would you like me to do it?

Source: Elespectador

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