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Did you get fumed? It was known how much ‘Yailin, the most viral’ charges per show

In recent days, the influencer ‘Yailin, la más viral’ has been in the eye of the hurricane due to a controversy generated with one of her fans, who denounced that Anuel’s girlfriend denied her entry to one of her concerts for wearing a wig similar to that of Carol G.

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Yailin rose to fame when her courtship with Puerto Rican Anuel AA was revealed. Since then, the young singer has been the protagonist of several headlines in national and international media.

According to internet users, ‘Yailin, the most viral’ lives up to her nickname, as she continues to become a trend due to different controversies.

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How much does ‘Yailin, the most viral’, Anuel’s girlfriend, charge for a show?

This week, an information broadcast by a radio program in the Dominican Republic went viral, where they revealed the alleged price that Anuel AA’s girlfriend charges for a presentation.

As detailed, apparently, a woman assured that she contacted “Yailin” to sing at a party, but was surprised by the value that she charged. Apparently, the singer’s fame went to her head, because according to that version, she charges like a diva.

The woman assured that she offered Yailin 20 thousand dollars for the Show, but according to what he said, Anuel’s girlfriend did not accept that offer. According to information from the station, the woman later offered him $45,000, equivalent to 184,000,000 Colombian pesos. However, it seems that the negotiation could not be finalized.

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Source: Elespectador

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