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Types and advantages of external aquarium filters

Are you dreaming of a beautiful aquarium that will become a unique decoration in your home? One of the most important elements of an aquarium is the right filter. Learn how to select and clean it to keep your aquarium water a fish-friendly place.

Setting up an aquarium is not an easy undertaking. Aquarium fish are quite demanding – only a vessel and water are not enough for them to live. It is important to take care of proper lighting, plants, and cleanliness. Can an external aquarium filter help with this?

What is needed to set up an aquarium?

To create a beautiful and clean aquarium, it is not enough just to buy a vessel, add water and let the fish in. Setting up an aquarium is much more complicated process. It is important to choose a tank and appropriate accessories, such as desilter, heaters or water conditioner. One of the most important elements of the aquarium equipment is the water purification device, which can be e.g. external filter.

In keeping fish and running an aquarium, the first thing to remember is that they are living creatureswhose health and well-being is the most important. For the owners, the appearance of the aquarium is often a priority. The composition of the tank with the interior is important, but not every place will be suitable for placing the vessel. The aquarium should be placed in the shade to prevent the formation of algae and bacteria. Aquarists often use special fluorescent lamps with UVA and UVB filters, which, in addition to providing lighting, eliminate algae. A heater is also useful, allowing you to adjust the water temperature to the species of fish. The equipment that helps to keep the tank clean are the desilter and the water filtering device. It is recommended for beginner aquarists external filter for the aquarium.

Filters – what are they used for?

The filter is the most important device in any aquarium. It plays an important role in the life of every aquarium fish. Without this device, keeping the tank clean is practically impossible. Even when plants and fish are scarce, dirt and bacteria accumulate in the vessel. A tank without a filter would require constant water changewhich would be a nuisance for the owners and inhabitants of the aquarium. Fortunately, filters are readily available.

Which external filter for the aquarium?

The external filter for the aquarium, thanks to the larger volume of filter cartridges, will work well in both large and small aquariums. Although you need to find a little more space for it, it works efficiently and does not require frequent cleaning. A kind of external filter is external bucket filter. It is installed in tanks larger than 50 liters, it is mounted under the aquarium, and the water is supplied through pipes. The external bucket filter has a large cartridge capacity, but consumes a lot of power, and its price is high (from about three hundred to over a thousand zlotys). The filter should be adapted to the volume of the aquarium. Aquarists know a simple formula that helps in choosing the right size – the filter efficiency is the capacity of the aquarium multiplied by three. However, this is not a very strict rule. It is important that a device such as an external filter can pump all the water at least once an hour.

Aquarium – external filter and its cleaning

Cleaning the filter is very important. In order for the device to properly filter the water, it must not be dirty itself. However, remember not to clean the filter under running tap water, as it may lose its properties. Cleaning it is a good idea in the water drained from the aquarium. External filter

it has many inserts, so you should clean e.g. half of them first, and the next time you clean the rest. Setting up an aquarium is not easy, it requires the owner’s preparation and the purchase of appropriate equipment. Fish need a good place where algae and bacteria cannot grow. It requires cleanliness, which can be ensured by an external aquarium filter. Although you have to invest a lot in such equipment, it will provide it clean water, will allow it to acidify and cleanse it of chemicals. When choosing a filter, first of all think about the health of your pets and try to provide them with the best possible conditions for life and development.

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