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María Manotas to her detractors

A few weeks ago, the content generator and businesswoman María Alejandra Manotas and the comedian Alejandro Riaño, who brings the character to life Juanpis Gonzalez, They surprised their fans by announcing their separation.

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During the pandemic, according to their own accounts, they faced a marital crisis to the point of thinking about getting divorced. The couple decided to fight for their relationship, while waiting for the twins who were on their way. The birth of Agustín and Antonio, who came to keep Matilde, the couple’s eldest daughter, company, filled the home of ‘Juanpis González’ with joy.

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Everything seemed to indicate that the Riaño Manotas family was completely reestablished. In their social networks they published photos and videos sharing very special moments, showing that they were more united than ever. But, to the surprise of many, María and Alejandro published an extensive post explaining that they had decided to put an end to their relationship.

María Manotas was criticized on social networks

After the divorce, each has been sharing with the three children. However, the businesswoman has been strongly criticized on her social networks because she leaves her children with the women who help her in her house and she goes to work. “You would be the least suitable person to talk about breastfeeding, parenting… Perhaps crawling, reading a little, but you should really do a live of things that people identify with you, be sure that it is not because of motherhood”, wrote a user.

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Because of this, María Manotas decided to respond to that person who questioned her and emphatically wrote: “People like this and sadly she is a woman, Instagram should be restricted and anyone who dares to judge my upbringing and motherhood, cast the first stone to block and clean my networks. How this lady would have wanted me to have been her mother. I sure wouldn’t say stupid things like this.” He immediately added: “To all the others who want to learn a little more about real parenting, I invite you to the live that we are going to do, to see if, said by a professional, it is clear to them that working and being a mother is not a crime.”

Source: Elespectador

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