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“The Baby”, the HBO comedy-horror series will premiere in April on HBO Max

Additional cast includes Patrice Naiambana (“Spectre”) as Lyle, Natasha’s father, and Sinéad Cusack (“Marcella”) as her mother, Barbara.

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baby, the original miniseries HBO, of the creators Sian Robins-Grace and Lucy Gaymer, premieres Sunday, April 24 on HBO Max and HBO. This eight-episode horror comedy co-produced with SKY, and produced by SISTER and Proverbial Pictures, presents a darkly funny and gritty examination of motherhood from the perspective of a woman who doesn’t want to be a mother.

The Baby | Official Trailer | HBO

Michelle De Swarte plays 38-year-old Natasha who is furious that all of her closest friends are having babies. But when she unexpectedly comes across a baby of her own, her life changes dramatically. Controlling, manipulative, yet incredibly cute, the baby turns Natasha’s life into a surreal horror show. As she discovers the true extent of the baby’s deadly nature, Natasha desperately tries to get rid of him. She doesn’t want a baby, but the baby definitely does want her.

The series also stars amira ghazalla (“The Rhythm Section”) as Mrs. Eaves, a 70-year-old woman who has spent the last fifty living out of her car and who seems to be present everywhere the baby is, and Amber Grappy as Bobbi, the Natasha’s younger sister, who practices magic for children and who would like nothing more than to be a mother to give and receive love.

Additional cast includes Patrice Naiambana (“Spectre”) as Lyle, Natasha’s father and Sinéad Cusack (“Marcella”) like her mother, Barbara. Shvorne Marks (“Endeavor”) as Mags, Isy Suttie (“Peep Show”) as Rita, Tanya Reynolds (“Sex Education”) as Helen, Seyan Sarvan (HBO Max series “It’s a Sin”) as Nour, Karl Davies (“The Tower”) as Jack, and Divian Ladwa (“Ant-Man and the Wasp”) as Fooze.

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