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This was the funny opinion of Milan, son of Shakira and Piqué, about the footballer

A few days ago, the artist from Barranquilla Shakira became a trend after praising her partner Gerard Piqué. That fact surprised millions of fans around the world because the couple has used to be very reserved with their displays of love in public. “Gerard doesn’t let me say these things publicly. But only he with his heroism can play like this, overcoming any injury or pain and always giving his best. It’s not because he’s my husband, but he’s the best center back in the world. I said!”he wrote on his social networks.

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Now, the one who spoke was Milan, the firstborn of the couple, after Barcelona’s victory over Real Madrid. Piqué shared with Ibai Llanos in a stream of twitch, where he was accompanied by his two sons. During the broadcast, the 9-year-old boy talked about his father. “He is good, he makes the passes, he always passes it to the player who is separated, as more open”, said the boy who is following in his father’s footsteps as he also plays soccer at a training academy in Barcelona.

In the same way, the little boy analyzed his father’s plays and came to a conclusion. “I don’t know what I can improve on” he said, after being asked “Be honest, do you think you can improve something, a little speed?”. Likewise, the sports presenter Ibai Llanos joked that Piqué was already very old, referring to a possible retirement of the footballer. Before that, Milan responded with a smile: “Yes, but let him play still.”

The video that generated laughter has gone viral on different digital platforms. Millions of Internet users have left comments praising the child’s self-confidence. “Just as direct as his father”, “Milan is super cute”, “too cute and sincere”.

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