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wow! ‘Yailin, la más viral’ reveals the reason why Anuel is thinner

The name of Anuel AA has not ceased to be a trend in recent weeks, since he publicly shared his new romantic relationship with the influencer ‘Yailin, the most viral’.

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Since then, the comments on social networks have not stopped, as it is speculated that the Puerto Rican has not been able to forget the Colombian Karol G. However, and according to his social networks, Anuel has shown that he is very much in love with his new partner, so much, who have already starred in their first cover for an important international media outlet.

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Anuel AA and his obvious weight loss

Beyond the comments about his new romantic relationship, Internet users have not gone unnoticed a detail that has them very concerned. It is about her appearance, because in her public appearances a notorious physical change has been evidenced. Now, Anuel AA looks much slimmer. Many attributed the weight loss to his breakup with Karol G. “You look skinny”; “Anuel is thin, the separation has hit him hard”; “how skinny are you!”, “breakups are strong”; These are some of the comments left by his followers on his social networks.

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Faced with so many doubts, “Yailin, the most viral”, was in charge of clarifying the situation and revealed the reason for her boyfriend Anuel’s change. “Emma wants to be skinny, she says that way she looks younger. We’re going to the gym too. He wants to be on the line.” affirmed the influencer. However, those statements by Yailin were not so convincing to netizens.


Source: Elespectador

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