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How cute! Violeta Bergonzi publishes the first photo of her newborn daughter

For a few months, the presenter of “Good day Colombia” has had a romantic relationship with the civil engineer, Hernando Luque, with whom she got married last year. As a result of her relationship, her daughter was born. Aliciaon February 26, news that the couple announced through some tender photos on Instagram.

Alicia Luque Bergonzi, February 26, 2022. We are in a clinic room and I feel that the entire Universe is here. The purest love is breathed and God’s blessing is felt in every breath of our daughter. Here I share the happiest day of our lives.

Alice is a miracle

Violeta Bergonzi assures that her pregnancy is a miracle, since the doctors had diagnosed her that due to health issues it would be difficult for her to conceive and she would have to undergo fertility treatments.

“They removed a tumor from my uterus and I remember that they were going to remove my right ovary. They had talked to me about any number of treatments and I was already resigned. When I arrived with Hernando at my gynecologist to tell him that we wanted to be parents, he explained to me the treatment that we should follow.

“I told him that I thought I was pregnant and he looked at me like, ‘oh, yes, so cute, so naive’. That was on a Monday, and on Friday of that week I went alone and asked for an ultrasound, because if I had a test of pregnancy, due to my hormonal problems, suddenly a false positive came out.

“The ultrasound showed that she was pregnant. I didn’t even get to start my fertility treatment, it was a miracle! Some time later, during a medical check-up, talking with the doctor, she told me that the egg that was fertilized had come out of the right ovary, which was the one that was going to be extracted from me”, the presenter told Revista Vea.

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Source: Elespectador

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