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Damiano’s fiancée from Måneskin is struggling with a very rare disease. “You are learning to recognize pain as your daily routine”

Damiano from Måneskin is one of the most popular artists in the world. His partner Giorgia Soleri uses this fame in a unique way. He has been publicizing the problem of vulvodynia for a long time. This “invisible” disease suffers from as many as 16 percent. women around the world. What are the symptoms?

Måneskin – the history of the band

The band Måneskin was formed in 2016 and consists of vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio.

During Eurovision 2021, the group achieved a victory, scoring 524 points in the final – 318 points from viewers (1st place) and 206 points from jurors (4th place). Their song entitled “Zitti e buoni” quickly gained popularity all over the world.

Vulvodynia – symptoms

Giorgia Soleri has been struggling with vulvodynia for years. It is an extremely difficult disease to diagnose for two reasons. Symptoms such as burning, dryness, pain and oversensitivity of the urethra or anus are often diagnosed by doctors as a common intimate infection. Moreover, symptoms can last for months or even years. Due to the great pain and discomfort associated with it, women are unable to sit, cross legs, ride a bike or have sex.

Damiano’s partner from Måneskin about vulvodynia

Giorgia Soleri helps women who, like her, have been struggling with the disease for years and are demanding serious treatment by the Italian health system. A year ago she even took part in a conference on vulvodynia and neuralgia of the vulva nerve, ailments included in a wide group of pelvic pains. He also talks about his fight on social media.

– I heard all that I’m crazy, anxious, cold, liar that I am afraid of sex that I should be masturbating more. The worst part of the disease is the extreme loneliness that happens to you, being judged and misunderstood by those who should make the diagnosis. You learn to recognize pain as part of you and your daily life. No tight jeans, no tights, no sour food, no alcohol, no sugar, no colored or synthetic underwear, no going out at night, nothing. Even planning a vacation becomes a nightmare knowing that you can spend it lying in bed and suffering – explained Giorgia Soleri on Instagram.

– They call it “the invisible disease”, but I remember very clearly all the limitations she forced me to. This photo was taken on one of the endless nights in the last eight years that was filled with pain, chills, screams and tears and that ruined my life, she added.

Vulvodynia – who gets sick?

The disease affects up to 16 percent. women around the world. Every tenth woman may struggle with this disease at a different stage of life. Vulvodynia most often affects women between the ages of 27 and 34. Sometimes it also bothers very small, even several-year-old girls and mature women after menopause.

Source From: Dziendobry

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