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They have been married for 91 years and they still love each other. “This is my first and last woman”

Shama’a and Zechariah have lived together for over nine decades and still have an unflagging affection for each other. This love story is a model for all those who, in spite of the fashion for short-term relationships, want to reach old age with one man.

They have been married for 91 years – a love story

Silver, gold, diamond weddings – each of these common names suggests which wedding anniversary the lovers are celebrating. Reaching the oak jubilee symbolizing 80 years of life is quite a feat, therefore cultural scientists did not foresee that anyone would exceed this number and did not come up with concepts suitable for long-term marriages. It turns out to be wrong, because Shama’a and Zechariah are proof that you can spend up to nine decades together.

They were both born in Yemen and both grew up without parents. They said to each other the sacramental “yes” when they were only 10 and 12 years old. Why such a quick decision to formalize the relationship? In the 1920s, orphans brought up in Jewish culture got married very early in order to avoid possible marriage with an infidel.

Zechariah and Shama’s life, though full of mutual love, was not all roses. They struggled with extreme poverty and persecution. – We suffered. There is no worse suffering than we have endured. We had no home. So we cleaned the donkey’s barn and lived in it – says the senior BBC in the material. In 1948, the couple fled Yemen from anti-Semitic repression and moved to the newly formed state of Israel.

Long service in marriage – a recipe for happiness

In an era of increasing divorce, the story of Zechariah and Shama gives hope that a marriage can be lasting and full of joy. The seniors became parents of 11 children. They have 64 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Although they have already spent 91 years together, boredom has not crept into their lives. On the contrary – they still enjoy their presence. They both had a lot of time to think about the foundation of their relationship and the recipe for happiness. They did not find an answer to this question. They claim that they were simply destined for each other.

This is my first and last woman. Other women flocked to me like a herd of sheep, but I didn’t want any of them. What is the secret of our happiness? God sent it to me. Just. I was lucky to get it Zechariah said fondly.

The spouses are aware that fate is extremely kind to them, since it allowed them to survive together into old age. So they have one dream, they want to die at the same time.

Source From: Dziendobry

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