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In the face! These are the two new tattoos of Christian Nodal. You like them?

Mexican regional music singer and songwriter Christian Nodal again it is the focus of controversies after practicing two new tattoos on her facefor a total of 10 that he already has on his face, which for many of his music fans and even female fans who admire him for his physique, it is too much.

The new ones tattoos they are located under your eyes, just above the cheekbones; one is a rose and one is a kind of ray or word in italics, both drawn horizontally and in black ink. These two new ‘acquisitions’ of the artist who became famous in 2016 after releasing the single ‘Goodbye Love‘, added to the eight that I already had on my face to complete a total of 10 on his face.

Here the before and after of Christian Nodal without and with tattoos on his face.

Photo: instagram Christian Nodal

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Christian Nodal started tattooing in 2020 Just when his relationship with the also Mexican singer born in Spain was published, Belindato whom he dedicated the first tattoo which was made right next to his right ear with the word ‘Beli‘. Since then the artist has confessed to being ‘addicted to tattoos‘ and according to sources close to Nodalthe 23-year-old performer he already has around 20 in his body. In fact, on some occasions Christian He has advised people, between jokes and jokes, not to get their first tattoo, because as he himself warns, the risk is very great that later you won’t want to stop, as is his case.


Christian Nodal Y Belinda They became one of the most admired and followed couples in global entertainment after meeting their courtship in the middle of the year 2020, when the world was just beginning quarantines due to the pandemic. Later, in May 2021 they got engaged in an exclusive restaurant Barcelona, ​​Spainwhere the singer of sound handed over to the interpreter ‘Angel’ a ring valued at three million dollars. Her wedding, rumored to take place in late 2022, is expected to be one of the biggest media events of the year in show business and entertainment. Listen to one of their duet songs:

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Source: Elespectador

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