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Alexey Yagudin revealed the backstage of the “Ice Age”: “Milokhin is crazy!”

Star adventures on ice began on Channel One in 2006, and since then several generations of stars have tested their strength. Alexei Yagudin did not miss a single season: he started as a participant in the show (the skater performed in tandem with Oksana Pushkina, Victoria Daineko, Valeria Lanskaya, Maria Kozhevnikova and Kristina Kretova), and in 2012 changed his competitive passion to an entertainer and became a permanent host of the project.

In the new season, the show has already developed its own drama. Oksana Domnina and Kirill Zaitsev seem to be loved by everyone. And many laugh at Evgenia Medvedeva and Danya Milokhin, largely due to the not quite usual image of a tiktok star for the project. Natalia Zabiyako and Nikita Presnyakov are almost ready to admire, especially after the grandson of the Prima Donna broke his arm during the performance.

For Yagudin, all these passions are already a familiar performance, however, despite his experience, Alexei is in no hurry to make predictions and anticipates intrigues. In an interview with MK, the TV presenter and actor discussed youth recklessness and age complexes.

– For you, the new “Ice Age” is already the seventh in a row as for the host, and we can assume that you are not particularly worried before filming. Or is there still a jitter?

– Of course I have. It seems to me that as soon as you lose your excitement about the results of your work, then this work can be finished. I’ve been skating since the age of four, but I still freak out every time I go out on the ice. So it is on the set. Excitement is a completely normal human reaction to an action that is not indifferent to him. On the set, I am always worried about how the dialogue with the characters of the show will go.

– With your experience, it is probably quite easy to assess the potential of any couple on the project. Who do you think is cool this season?

– About some of the participants, after the first show, you can say “this is he rolls!” or “she’s doing great!” But time passes, and the development of the pair is practically zero. And there are those who, after the first training sessions, do not make an impression at all, and then with each show it gets better. In general, everything is like in sports, where the ability to develop is practically unpredictable. There are two very high level competitors this season. These are Fedor Fedotov and Kirill Zaitsev; they, by the way, both starred in the movie “Silver Skates”. And also Danya Milokhin. Three pairs: Volosozhar – Fedotov, Domnina – Zaitsev and Medvedeva – Milokhin – they seem to be out of competition.

– At the same time, the same Milokhin does not give the impression of a supersport person …

– In his case, youth and recklessness play an important role. With age, additional phobias arise, but at twenty you absolutely do not care whether you fall on your tailbone, whether you break your arm while riding. And this recklessness, of course, captivates and helps a lot artistically. Medvedeva and Milokhin’s numbers are completely different compared to many of the participants in the show. I would like, of course, to see pair skating in their performance – while they are two singles – but let’s see how events unfold, everything can still change.

– By the way, viewers sometimes oppose the participation of so-called Internet celebrities in the show. Last season Olga Buzova got it, now Danya Milokhin is criticized with all his might. Is there any logic in such criticism, or is all this nothing more than grumbling at young people?

– In short, nothing more than a grunt. New is often denied. When hard rock or some other direction in the music industry appeared, many did not want to accept it, because society is afraid of change. But a little time passed, and people got used to it.

– The stars are ready for a lot to participate in the rating project. But they do not always understand all the subtleties of such events. As a human being who knows very well how hard and slippery the ice is, you might be tempted to tell the stars: “Guys, think carefully before putting on your skates” …

– Quite the opposite. For example, I was the initiator of Fedor Fedotov’s participation in the project. We starred in the same series with him, I saw how he was on skates, called Averbukh and practically insisted on his candidacy.

– After a big sport, you managed to find an application for yourself not only on television, but also in cinema and theater. How do you like in the entertainment industry? Difficult or fun?

– Both difficult and fun. I always wanted to go to the theater stage, and I achieved it. I wanted to work on television – and I work. You can, like the character of Sergei Svetlakov, sit on the couch with a beer and talk to the TV, or you can do something. It’s probably the easiest way for an athlete to become a coach after retirement. But this may be in the future, but now I want to develop in a different direction, not directly related to figure skating. I like working with a microphone. I like the adrenaline after the show. In general, I need an audience. For my wife, the best pastime is a book. And for me there are different mass events, I just swim in it, I feel comfortable there.

– You are probably one of those who do not have time to think about the midlife crisis?

“But I understand what this is about. When I turned thirty, I thought about age for a couple of hours. After my 35th birthday, there were several days of some strange, incomprehensible mood. And when I turned 40, there was a real depression. On the one hand, as an optimist, I understood that everything was fine. But suddenly he began to realize that sooner or later life would end. This is very sad for me. You can find a way out of any situation, but not from this one. But while he is alive, he needs to rejoice and develop.


Source From: MK

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