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Babysitters in Moscow began to earn big money

Children in Moscow and across Russia began to be sent in whole classes and kindergarten groups to quarantine, and again parents clutched their heads – nannies are urgently needed, at least temporarily. In general, over the year, the demand for home assistants increased by 57%. Nanny is now generally one of the most sought-after professions, except that the courier is ahead of her. We found out how much nannies now cost when they are hired, and listened to the representatives of this profession themselves.

We have two daughters who are elementary school students. For a week now, both have been sitting at home – one is in quarantine with the class (one of their students fell ill), and the second is snotty, – says Muscovite Eduard. – When they both go to school, the wife – she does not work – has time to do something around the house, and she also takes web design courses.

But now we urgently began to look for a nanny for a month – so that she would come for half a day (for 6 hours) and help with the children. We found a 60-year-old with a pedagogical education, she studies with both daughters until lunch, and then she also plays educational games with them – we have already run out of ideas during the isolation.

We pay this woman on the basis of 400 rubles. per hour, that is, it comes out 2400 rubles. half a day, five days a week. We agreed with her for the future, because it is not known how often the children will be in quarantine, it is highly likely that schoolchildren will again go to the distance …

Now the earnings of family assistants in 90,000-100,000 per month in Moscow no longer surprise anyone, but these are “full cycle” nannies. For example, 90,000 rubles. will receive a nanny living in a country house in a family with three small children (6, 4 and half a year). At the same time, you won’t have to drive children to school and kindergarten (the driver delivers), but on the other hand, duties include “washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking and babysitting.” For this money, she is waiting for “full employment” with one day off.

Lyudmila Grigorieva, the mother of a seventh-grader, says that they pay their nanny a rather modest amount at today’s rates: 30 thousand rubles. per month. The payment is fixed, although it comes to them either for 3 hours a day, or for 4.5, depending on the need. “She is not so much a nanny as a governess, she does lessons with her daughter (it is difficult for a child to study, and not all nannies could stand it). And he also takes and picks up from school, ”says Lyudmila.

According to an employee of one of the recruitment agencies, in the capital they pay from 350 to 450 rubles. per hour for such services, but this is a simple nanny. “If she does school lessons with a child, then it’s more expensive. It can reach up to 500-600 rubles. per hour and more, depending on what she does with children – piano, languages, and so on, – says the specialist. – It’s easier to find a full-time babysitter than a few hours a day (part-time). By the way, we are now proposing to employ women immediately in a family without any work experience, provided that they simultaneously study at “nanny courses”. Families agree to this. The demand for nannies is really growing, and if compared with the period two years ago, their average earnings have grown from 60 thousand rubles to 90-100 thousand rubles.”

The 54-year-old nanny Larisa from the Moscow region has a pedagogical education, she worked at school for 25 years, and then retired and has been working as a “nanny-household assistant” for the fifth year. In the first family, she lived in the house all the time, the child was alone, at first they paid her 40 thousand rubles, then 70 thousand. True, this amount must be added to living in comfortable conditions (the family was well off) and food at the expense of the owners.

In the second family, where there are two children 14 and 8 years old, she receives 60 thousand rubles. without accommodation. Larisa is mainly engaged with the youngest child (picks up from school, takes her to extra classes, does her homework), and the older one needs to be fed and made sure that he does not miss circles. “I signed a contract with me, in which everything was clearly spelled out. I’m happy, so I don’t offer to increase my pay yet, ”she says.

“I communicate with other girls, and they complain that it is difficult to find a job that matches the desires of both the nanny and the employer,” continues Larisa. – The nanny, in fact, should be responsible for the child. But then, when she comes to the family, they begin to give her other assignments, they ask her to help with cleaning, “can you cook dinner for the family today?” – despite the fact that she is doing homework with the child at the same time, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to conclude an agreement. Many have been working for several years in some family, and complain that employers have begun to try to save money, trying to give extra functions without additional payment.

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