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Warning to fuel stations from EPGIS President Aktaş

Aktaş said that fuel stations are accessible in every part of Turkey in terms of the difficulties experienced on the roads during the winter months.

Stating that there may be difficulties especially on inter-city roads due to heavy snowfall and cold weather, Aktaş stated that fuel stations are not only places where gasoline and diesel are sold, but also centers where some food products are sold and sheltered under difficult conditions.

Aktaş said, “The doors of the gas stations are wide open to citizens who need help on the roads due to heavy snowfall and winter conditions. If there are fuel stations that do not accept our citizens who took shelter in these places and that sell products at exorbitant prices in their markets or restaurants, an investigation will be initiated against them and a penalty will be imposed through public authorities. ‘ he said.

Noting that some of the stations closed their businesses or that they were selling at exorbitant prices in their markets, Aktaş said:

“Such wrong steps should not be taken in food products in station markets or in restaurants in additional units at stations. Citizens should be helped to warm up and meet their needs. Our expectation and desire is that our industry takes this call into consideration.”

Source Cumhuriyet

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