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Deputy Chairman of Turkish Butchers Federation: Meat is currently the cheapest food item

Deputy Chairman of Turkish Butchers Federation Osman Yardimci said, “We expect a price hike on Monday, but we don’t want it to happen.” Saying “Meat is the cheapest food item at the moment,” Assistant also demanded a ban on selling meat in chain markets.


Underlining that although there has been an increase in meat prices for two or three months, there has not been such a rapid increase, “There has not been an increase enough to be a speculator. We are never in favor of increasing the price of meat. We want our citizens to consume more meat. But on the other hand, producers and butchers have costs. We do not bring the calf directly and sell it to the citizens. It has bone share, waste, VAT, withholding tax. The price of the plastic wrap we wrap the meat and the bag in which we put the meat have increased 3 times. Not so opportunistic. The biggest input was electricity. We want the abolition of VAT and withholding on meat. When you buy a wedding ring, VAT becomes zero, when you buy a kilo of meat, it becomes 10 percent with withholding and VAT. “Wedding rings are not something we buy often, but we always eat meat,” he said.

Demanding the immediate abolition of VAT on meat, Yardimci noted that they expect a real solution to the animal producer.


Pointing out that the number of animal producers is decreasing day by day, Yolcu said, “Family businesses need to be supported. The state supports up to 80 cattle in Europe. But when it exceeds 100, the state says it’s a merchant. Everyone knows this well. In the past, every house had 4-5 cows and calves. Cows and calves are slaughtered today. Whatever the producer does, the price of meat does not save the feed. However, meat is currently the cheapest food item. Minced meat is around 100 TL and cubed 110-120 TL. Will the prices stay in place? It will be known in the coming days. Because the costs are increasing day by day,” he said. Expressing that they have not been opportunistic and have not made a raise in meat for 2 years,İlker added that the knife did not rest on the bone at the moment.

Indicating that they have to put a profit on the price they bought the meat,İlker said, “We expect a price hike on the meat on Monday, but we don’t want it to happen. Meat is the staple food. Citizens should eat this meat. Meat is not expensive today. It’s no big deal if the meat has had a 15-20 percent raise. Our state should support the breeders and butchers,” he said. Demanding the release of butchers’ sausage production, the subsidiary asked for more frequent inspections instead.


Criticizing that chain markets sell their meat and products, Osman Yardimci says, “There is no meat sale in chain markets in Europe. Our grocery stores don’t sell a car. There is no such trade. Butcher shopkeepers should sell the meat that chain markets sell. You enter the chain store, everything is there. Then what is the need of the tradesman? When you enter that market, if your 50 cents is missing, you will leave the product. In our shopkeepers, the situation is just the opposite, he says. My town guest came, you say give me half a kilo of meat, tell this to the chain store, it’s broke. As soon as the sale of cigarettes and bread is banned in the chain market, it should be banned in meat.”

Underlining that speculators are always at work in Turkey, Yardimci said, “The purchasing power of the nation is also important. It is important for our citizens to eat meat. They are speculating because there is a raise, or this should not happen. I hope not in my opinion. Our increases are not that high. It is between 5-7-10 percent. Compared to the time that comes to other food costs, meat and chicken prices are cheap,” he said.


Providing information about the price increases in meat in the last three months,İlker said, “With the increase in inputs, a 10 to 15 percent increase in red meat has come. While there was a 100-200 percent increase in other products, such a thing did not happen in our meat. 10-15 percent was 20 percent in some of our products. Our meat is still cheap and we did not make any opportunism,” he said.

Source Cumhuriyet

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