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Additional raise for civil servants and pensioners will not reach their January 15 salary

The bill was planned to be enacted before January 15, when the civil servants would receive their salaries, but the General Assembly of the Assembly was closed because the meeting quorum could not be found. In this case, the 2.5-point increase that civil servants and retirees should receive as welfare share, excluding the collective agreement hike and inflation difference, will not catch up with the salaries to be received on January 15th.

AKP and MHP, during the negotiations of the regulation regarding the price difference to the contractors included in the offer, “Different arrangements can be made by the President of the Republic, without being subject to the limitations in the article, including granting time extensions for contracts that were tendered by the Housing Development Administration before December 1, 2021 and continued on the date of entry into force of the article.” He made a proposal to add the paragraph.


According to the news of Canan Sakarya from Dünya, in the justification of the motion, it was stated that due to the nature of the contracts regarding the tenders made by the Housing Development Administration, it was possible for the President to make a determination different from the rules in the article. justification “Professional organizations and their superior associations, which are public institutions, are not subject to the Public Procurement Law, but use their public resources in accordance with their own legislation. It is foreseen that price difference can be given in accordance with the article in the goods and services procurement and construction works contracts to which these administrations are a party. it was said.

While the motion was read in the General Assembly, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay made the motion. This is the motion “The door of the Turkish Grand National Assembly can be locked, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey should spend time here as a dysfunctional, symbolic body”. such a broad, unlimited authority cannot be given by law. he reacted. HDP Diyarbakır Deputy Garo Paylan “Is such a law possible, you nailed it thoroughly, what does ‘regulations can be made’ mean” he criticized.

Before the vote of the proposal, the CHP asked for roll call, since the quorum for the meeting could not be found, the General Assembly of the Parliament was closed to meet on Tuesday, January 18th.

Source Cumhuriyet

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