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The first region of Russia bans migrants from working as taxi drivers and drivers

The authorities of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug issued a corresponding decree

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, they are trying to distribute labor resources between migrants and the local population. In 2022, foreign citizens working on the basis of a labor patent will not be able to find jobs in eight areas, including taxi and trade – this is the first time such a measure has been introduced in the Russian region. Local residents in a conversation with “MK” supported the initiative, but they themselves do not want to work as sellers and drivers.

As stated in the decree of the Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Natalya Komarova, in 2022, labor migrants working in Russia on the basis of a patent cannot engage in the following activities in the region: production of baby food and dietary foods; retail sale of alcoholic beverages in specialized stores; retail tobacco products in specialized stores; work as drivers of passenger transport, as well as taxis and rented cars; provide food and beverages; and work in education.

MK talked about the innovations with local residents and the migrants themselves.

“I myself live in Surgut, it is the largest city in the region, an economic center. And, to be honest, it strains me when the store doesn’t understand me, or they answer in such a way that I can’t understand. The same is true in taxis and in almost the entire service sector. On the streets you can often find women wearing hijabs. There are areas where there is practically an eastern corner, ”said a local resident, who asked not to be named. However, she fears that if migrants leave these areas, then there will be no one to occupy them – the local population will not agree to accept such conditions and wages.

“Who will work? Only migrants work in minibuses and buses ”- residents are interested in social networks. Others admit that then the employer will have to increase wages, and therefore the prices for travel will rise, and if so, then: “Leave this job to migrants better”.

Representative of the regional public organization “Uzbek Diaspora” Shavkat Makhbuzov owns a cafe and a grocery store. He learned about the authorities’ initiative from a conversation with MK. “This is a small business. It was already hard enough for us with the coronavirus. Now all employees have been vaccinated and have a QR code. We all have an employment contract, we pay all taxes. What else do you need? ” he wondered.

“There is a decree, and every person must be law-abiding and abide by it,” Fayzulo Aminov, a representative of the Surgut Tajik National Cultural Center “Vakhdat” public organization, told MK. – I cannot say that a large number of migrants are involved in these areas, but it will still be a blow to both employees and the employer. People will need to change their field of activity. But mostly migrants are involved in construction and factories, where they pay good wages. “

He recalled the situation in which migrants found themselves with the beginning of the pandemic – many people left home and could not return back for a long time. “When the borders were closed and the migrants left, local residents could apply for these vacancies. But nobody goes. The construction sites stopped altogether, and people began to receive invitations to come back, ”Aminov said. As for the effectiveness of this measure, then, according to him, it is rather doubtful. Foreigners, for example, are afraid of expulsion and try to comply with the laws, say, not to sell alcohol after a designated time. Local sellers are not very afraid of fines.


Source From: MK

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