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Thousands of people met in Kartal saying ‘We want to make a living’

After the call of DİSK, thousands of citizens gathered in Kartal Square with the slogan “enough is enough, we want to make a living” before the minimum wage is determined. Citizens who attended the rally said, “We do not want to live below the hunger line. We don’t want to be hungry,” he said.

In Kartal, Istanbul, by DİSK, “Enough is enough! A rally was held with the slogan “We want to make a living”. The participants of the rally demanded that the minimum wage to be applied in 2022 be at least 5 thousand 200 TL.

The workers and retirees who met on the beach of Kartal often chanted slogans such as “Victory will belong to the workers who resist”, “There is no salvation alone, either all together or none of us”, “Long live our honorable struggle” during their march towards the rally area.

Ilkay Akkaya, who took the stage in the rally area, sang his songs and said, “I salute this union. May our path be clear together,” he said.

Citizens attending the rally spoke to SÖZCÜ.


Saying that they want a fair order, Mesut Ayaydın said, “There is a struggle in Turkey so that workers can live humanely. Today, the difference between the upper and lower base in Turkey, as much as mountains, has formed. We lost the center post. That is, the lower class has sunk to the bottom, to the bottom. And there were some that came out on top. We want the necessary wages so that we can live in a fair order. We demand our rights in the institutions we work for, to be able to bring bread to our home, to buy oil, sugar and salt easily, and to provide a comfortable future for our children. Today, the minimum wage has dropped to 280 dollars in Turkey’s average. Whereas, the world average is between 385-390 dollars. Unfortunately, we lost the value we lost in dollars from our wages. We want this fixed. We want a just order,” he said.

‘We don’t want to stay hungry’

Stating that they could not get along, Alişan İpşiroğlu said, “The economic conditions of the working class in Turkey are in the middle. We are here to say ‘enough is enough’, to make our voices heard. Our colleagues, our retired friends, our friends from EYT, non-governmental organizations, political parties are here today. As long as we maintain mass cohesion, there is nothing the working class cannot achieve. A primary school student can also do this math calculation. There’s no way to get by. While the rent of houses in Istanbul has come to 3-4 thousand liras, they want people to work only for the wages that will cover the rent of the house. In addition to the house rent, there are electricity, water, telephone, natural gas bills, clothing and student expenses, food expenses. The poverty line is clear. We do not want to live below the poverty line. We don’t want to be hungry. People want to live peacefully in their homes. When we look at the basis of all unrest, there are economic problems,” he said.


Stating that the income distribution is unbalanced, 68-year-old retired Muzaffer Mete said, “The society in general cannot get along. Someone who rents a house on a pension or minimum wage is unlikely to make a living. The right to life of the nuclear family has been taken away. We know how hard life gets. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. I’m telling you frankly, that shoe on my foot has been on my feet for 5 years. These dresses have been on me for 6-7 years. I haven’t bought anything for years. Not even a bagel can pass our throats by looking at my throat, thinking about the future and the future of my wife, children and grandchildren, calculating the penny. 3 and a half liras for bagels, 4 liras for bread. I’m asking what the minimum wage will eat. You can’t even buy simit today. I am fighting for the future of my grandchildren,” he said.

THEY SAY ‘We can’t get by’

Retired citizen Durmuş Karataş expressed that he was worried about the future of his grandchildren and said, “We really can’t get along. Today, a pensioner in Europe comes and spends months in 5-star hotels here. The situation of the retired in Turkey is obvious. I am worried about the future of my grandchildren. I am here for them. I have given up on myself now. It is not possible for someone who pays rent to make a living,” he said.

Arzu Cerkezoglu

Speaking to SÖZCÜ, DİSK Chairman Arzu Çerkezoğlu said, “As DİSK, we have been waging a struggle since October 1, the day the parliament was opened, by saying justice in income and justice in taxes. We say, ‘We want to make a living now’. In fact, the living problem has become the biggest problem for the workers, laborers and citizens living in Turkey. We are here today to say ‘justice in income, justice in taxes’, with the demand of ‘we want to make a living’ in this process, which raises everything, from needle to thread, with the increase in price hikes, inflation, and the increase in the dollar exchange rate, so that the minimum wage is at least 5 thousand 200 liras. Tens of thousands of our fellow workers also responded to this call. We express our determination on this issue shoulder to shoulder,” he said.


Source From: Sozcu

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