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She sews unusual pillows in the shape of plants. Where did the idea for such an unusual business come from?

Anna Grochowska runs an unusual business. A woman sews pillows in the shape of plants. You will find out about where he got the idea to start such a business and who usually buys from her from the conversation that Anna Nowak-Ibisz, or “Mrs. Gadget”, had with her.

How are plant-shaped pillows made?

Anna Grochowska lives in Łódź and runs a company Leaf Pillows. It offers plant-shaped pillows to its customers. – Various species of plants. Such as we are more familiar with ginkgo, or more exotic ones, such as monsters, calathea or syngonia – said Mrs. Anna.

In an interview with Anna Nowak-Ibisz, the woman confessed that she was inspired by her friend, and the first leaf she sewed was an alocasia leaf. Mrs. Anna added that her pillows are mainly bought by plant lovers. – This is a really very large group of people, especially on the Internet, it is noticeable. The period of the pandemic also greatly developed this sense of the need to have plants, to take care of something. Not everyone could have a pet, and everyone can have a plant she added.

“Mrs. Gadget” in the pillow workshop. What are they made of?

Ms. Ania uses mainly upholstery velor for sewing pillows. – It is a material that is, above all, very durable. We meet him on furniture, on pillows, she said. However, its advantages do not end there. Velor is resistant to stains, and it is very easy to remove animal hair from it.

How does the design of such a pillow look like? Where does Anna get her inspiration from? You will find out later in the conversation.

Material made as part of the “Pani Gadget” program and the #kobiecybizneswTVNStyle campaign. More details about the action can be found at this link.

“Mrs. Gadget” – manufactures. Where and when to watch?

Subsequent episodes of the “Pani Gadget” program are broadcast on the air TVN Style every Thursday at 22:25. Reruns of the program can be watched on Saturdays at 14:45, Sundays at 21:25 and Mondays at 13:50 and on

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